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     We take pride in bringing excellence in workman ship with guaranteed quality control.
     We manufacture various kinds of high quality products, especially wooden furniture, including
     Sofa Sets, Easy chairs, Dinning chairs, Coffee tables, Dinning tables and Soft furnishings.
     We offer custom made products.








Plaster Products         

Mutiara specializes in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of standard and custom made         
fibrous plaster products. Our plaster line include Comices, Decorative ceilings, Dome ceiling,         
Decorative wall panels mouldings.         

With our wide range of standard design, from simple to classsic, our plaster products can         
replicate any style. The proper tiles of fibrous plaster are extremely versatile. It is material that         
can be formed to virtually any shape texture and color, thus enabling us to produce custom made         
designs to serve the demands of Designers, Contractors and Private clients economically.        












About Us

The Mutiara was founded as an integrated consultancy dedicated to personalized superior client service, excellence of products and with the aim of serving clients in the multinational sector. 

            Over a period of consolidation, Mutiara has grown from a full-fledged Interior, furniture, contracting and construction company in Singapore to a group of companies with a presence across Asia and Europe. Main production capacity was first established in Philippines then to Thailand in 1998. It has since acquired an established furniture manufacturer in Thailand, which has been established since 1980. The acquisition has brought into Mutiara not only increased production capacity but also unquantifiable experience in craftsmanship and finishing and strengthened its ability in meeting international standards of quality and customer service. With that, Mutiara has also expanded into China (PRC) and Hong Kong with an experienced team of project personnel. Similarly, a Hong Kong office was subsequently established to bring Mutiara to its current high level of competency and service level for our potential clients within the Asia region or international market. Our familiarity with the international standards and Asian construction practices enable us to realize projects of high quality in the local environment. 

            Not forgetting our wide variety of contacts and vast networking with Internationally Renowned Architects, Designers and Decorators within the region. It might be to your interest to know that when it comes to interior construction (regards to commercial or residential) and furniture manufacturing, we are proud to admit that we do not come second to our competitors.





Mutiara Company Limited                                                                         Tel:(66) 02 529 0625-7                                                         E-mail: admin@mutiara-intl.com

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